2x7 Monthly Notebook 2024

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A minimal, functional and material diary.

The monthly notebook is a personal project by the art director and designer Margherita Paleari, who has always been passionate about paper, notebooks and calendars.

It is a diary designed for those - like her - who want to have an eye on the whole month when planning activities or punctually recording data and information.

On each double page, the working days of the month are all on the left, the weekends on the right, with space for additional notes.

At the center of the binding, an annual calendar.

On the first and last pages, space for short notes or drawings.

Notebook made in Italy in 300 copies - with high quality natural papers, tactile to the touch and FSC certified - and reusable*, in a few years, as indicated on the cover.

*reusable in 2052, 2080, 2120

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