Marjolein Delhaas

Marjolein Delhaas is a Rotterdam based graphic designer. With her minimalistic and elegant style she designs planners, wall planners and desk pads for daily use at home or work.

Marjolein Delhaas


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2024 Basic Planner - Silver 8772024 Basic Planner - Silver 877
2024 Basic Planner - 21542024 Basic Planner - 2154
2024 Basic Planner- 7172024 Basic Planner- 717
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2024 Basic Planner Process Blk2024 Basic Planner Process Blk
2024 Classic Planner Powder + Black foil2024 Classic Planner Powder + Black foil
Marjolein Delhaas
2024 Classic Planner Powder + Black foil Sale price€34,00 Regular price€42,00
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