Vite - Lives

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VITE is a publishing initiative with which Foscarini talks about light, starting not with the company’s lamps but with the individuals who live in the spaces brightened by those lamps: an exploration of different interpretations of the home, the relationship with light, the link between life in the home and the space outside. Selected for the ADI Design Index 2021, VITE (LIVES) is a voyage that takes us to five cities across three continents, inside real lives of real people – guided by artist, photographer and videomaker Gianluca Vassallo and writer Flavio Soriga. People are at the centre of the visuals and the narration, allowing viewers the freedom to roam vicariously inside personal spaces, real spaces that are approachable and imperfect. Not carefully controlled environments, “aspirational” images of photographic sets, but rather homes that are lived in on an everyday basis, and close-ups of the people who dwell in them, from Copenhagen to New York, Naples, Shanghai and Venice.

isbn: 9788875709990
Photographer: Gianluca Vassallo
Languages: Italian and English
Binding: stitched binding
Pages: 552
Width: 19,5 cm
Height: 25 cm
Edition: 2021

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