Un Sedicesimo 73 - Na Kim

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Na Kim is an artist based in Berlin and Seoul. Kim explores the intricate interplay between given structures and serendipitous discoveries. She meticulously collects objects and occurrences from daily life, subsequently rearranging them within fictional frameworks. Alongside her work as an artist and designer, Kim runs the project space LOOM in Berlin. Since 2015, she has initiated a number of projects expanding and responding to her monograph “SET”, including exhibitions in Seoul, New York, and across Europe. Kim’s works have been shown widely in international exhibitions including Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Gwangju Design Biennale, Kukje Gallery, MMCA, V&A, MoMA, Milan Triennale Museum, Die Neue Sammlung and etc.
In addition, Kim has been a curator for Fikra Graphic Design Biennial, Chaumont Graphic Design Festival, Seoul International Typography Biennale and International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno.

ISSN: 1972-2842 #

Curator:  Pietro Corraini
Binding: staples
Pages: 16
Width: 17 cm
Height: 24 cm
Edition: 2023

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