This is me and only me - Giorgia Lupi, Madeleine Garner

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This is me, and only me. But what makes
The world is full of numbers, details, and beautiful things to observe.
But what do you take particular note of?
What do you find the most interesting or worthy of being measured, documented, and drawn? What you choose to notice can teach you a lot about who you are and what you care about.
And if you use symbols, colors and annotations to visualize and add context to your observations, you can make a beautiful portrait that tells the story of you! In "This is Me, and Only Me" Giorgia Lupi and Madeleine Garner show how everything we observe about the world around us can teach us something about who we are inside.
Noticing what makes us happy, sad, or excited; seeing what makes us and our friends laugh; discovering that we all see the stars in the sky, but maybe we choose to remember them differently from a friend. All these details and many more can lead readers, young and adult alike, to take a closer look at what they notice about the world -- and therefore, themselves.

Giorgia Lupi, co-author of "Dear Data," is an information designer and has always seen the world, and herself, through a lens of data, data collection, and data visualization.

Together with Madeleine Garner, a former preschool teacher, they reveal, through story, narrative, and illustration, the power of data to even the youngest of readers.

We can all learn more about ourselves through data we just have to slow down, take note, and draw!

This book is also available in Italian

isbn: 9791254931035
Languages: English (also available in Italian)
Binding: hardcover
Pages: 120
Width: 16,8 cm
Height: 21,6 cm
Edition: 2024

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