SLEEK Issue 68 - Desire

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Introducing the spring 2021 edition of SLEEK - the Desire issue!

For our first issue of the year, we have delivered a series of stories offering insight into the various manifestations desire takes within our global society. At it's core, the issue looks to explore how creativity can help build a bridge between our desired future with our present reality.
Wladimir Kaminer has written an essay entitled ‘The Kremlin Sees Red’ exploring how anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny represents one of the most crucial desires of all: a future of greater integrity.
Russian artist Alisa Yoffe offers some inimitable images made in the aftermath of Navalny’s arrest, directly addressing the reader, to “protest not for me, but for your rights, for your freedom”.
German artist Katharina Sieverding prompts us to consider how life itself is desire. Our conversation with Sieverding also questions where and why we cast our gaze. “Taking responsibility means pointing out interconnections and being watchful”.
US artist James Concannon has created 10 sketches, offering a wonderful overview of the various ideas and notions ‘desire’ evokes.
Our fashion director, Lorena Maza, has produced a sensational fashion story with a cast of dancers, creating moments of impassioned yearning in front of the camera lens.
SAULT, the universally-praised incognito music collective based in London, have been releasing work at a remarkable rate over the last two years.

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