SLEEK Issue 63 - Martin Parr

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Welcome to the autumn 2019 edition of SLEEK!
For the autumn issue of SLEEK, covered by Martin Parr, featuring American model Maggie Maurer, we wanted to research the idea of walls – the impact of borders, real and imagined.In November, Germany will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the barrier that separated the city into East and West for 28 years.
As a no-deal Brexit seems increasingly likely, the UK is becoming an isolated entity and across the world, borders are being created both physically and culturally — from the US-Mexican border to Europe — walls from past to present are on our minds.
—Libyan-American journalist and activist Noor Tagouri, lensed by Mayan Toledano, talks new and ethical digital storytelling
—Ayesha A. Siddiqi speaks to Griselda San Martin, a photographer dedicated to depicting an alternative to the mainstream media lens on the US-Mexican border crisis
—Photographer Francesca Allen shoots ‘it’ model Tin Gao
—Louise Trotter of Lacoste chats combining English nightlife with the French heritage brand
—Billie JD Porter on conspicuous consumption
— Angela Waters profiles Adish, the Israeli-Palestinian fashion brand attempting to create new business trade routes across the Israe- li-Palestinian border.
—Sirin Kale talks to curator Felix Hoffmann about how the fall of the Berlin Wall impacted club culture in the German capital
—Photographer of the moment Andrew Nuding shoots this season’s women’s and menswear looks, styled by Kieran Kilgallon
—A short story by Aysegül Savas
—Martin Parr shoots a fashion story at his photography foundation in Bristol, styled by Eliza Conlon

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