Raindrops Keep Fallin’ - Aleksandra Mir

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The subject of Raindrops Keep Fallin' is Rain, any kind of interpretation of rain, from cartoonish drops, to realistic clouds and showers that dissolve into abstract patterns. The project was a commission for OVERBOOKED: A Special Project of BOOKED: Hong Kong Art Book Fair 2020 Led by Louiza Ho and Co-Curated with Ingrid Pui Yee Chu at Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong. During a live action performance over the several days of the fair, Mir with her team of local art student assistant drew 20 large drawings (180x150 cm) of rain with her signature Sharpie markers. The process started with an art historical survey of how rain has been depicted in art through the ages. Reference images were used by the drawing team to make their own interpretations and shown to the public in the space so to maintain a conversation with art history. Rain is something that everyone can relate to and freely interpret, both formally and symbolically. It can at once be a meditation on the universal cycles in nature, a lyrical backdrop to and a metaphor for a love story or, directly point towards Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution where peaceful protesters carry umbrellas to protect themselves from teargas. Whatever the reading, with multiple hands the drawings always come out beautiful.

Aleksandra Mir is a Swedish-American artist known for her large-scale collaborative projects and anthropological methods which involve rigorous research in archives, oral history and fieldwork. Her work deals with travel, time, place, language, gender, identity, locality, nationality, wholeness, mobility, connectivity, performativity, representation, transition, translation and transgression.

20 Pages
14 x 20 cm
b/w Photocopy
First Edition 2023
100 Copies

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