Queste non sono tutte - Poster

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From a very rigorous survey of the public's tastes, it emerged that chairs and armchairs must have these requisites: they must be comfortable, rich, luxurious and rustic, whimsical, rigidly technical and functional, wide, narrow, high and low, soft and hard, elastic, elegant, rigid, cheap, at the right price, evidently very expensive (for social reasons), made with a single material, with several materials, with noble, rough, refined, rustic materials". 

So wrote Bruno Munari in "Arte come Mestiere" (ed. Laterza, 1966), and if the chairs and armchairs in this poster seem like a lot to you, as Munari says with his usual irony “Queste non son tutte” (these are not all of them), "because even today architects and designers continue to design chairs and armchairs as if everything had been wrong until now".

The drawings collected here were made by Munari for the original 1966 edition of Laterza, to which another 60 armchairs made for the 1972 expanded edition were added.

EAN:  8033532910747 / Width: 50 cm / Height: 70 cm / Edition: 2023

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