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Studio Visits and Conversations.
Contemporary Art / Fashion / Design / Photography.
MATTO MAGAZINE was launched in December 2018 by creative directors Aldo Buscalferri and Dominika Hadelova. It is a Paris-based biannual publication featuring studio visits and in-depth conversations with artists and designers, as well as literary texts, another-angle features on fashion and photography series.
Aldo Buscalferri has worked over the past fifteen years as a creative director for fashion, art and travel magazines such as Rolling Stone, GQStyle, L’Officiel Art and L’Officiel Hommes. Dominika Hadelova has background in Contemporary Art and Printmaking, having worked at the Tyler Print Institute in Singapore in conceptual art development in paper, as well as on various art projects in Scotland, Switzerland and Brazil.

In the forth issue, a visual feature by fashion designer MARTIN MARGIELA themed «Lavage Interdit»; an interview with artist RACHEL ROSE; a conversation with curator at Lafayette Anticipations REBECCA LAMARCHE-VADEL; literary interpretation of Gilles Deluze’s Abécédaire by CHIARA ZOCCHI, an award-winning Italian novelist; 24-page photo series by Bangkok-based KAMONLAK SUNKCHAI; a studio visit with artists NEÏL BELOUFA andCHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI; a conversation about RICK OWENS FURNITURE with MICHELE LAMY; photography series by ARAKI NOBUYOSHI; conversation with urbanist EDUARDO CASSINA, an essay written by fashion researcher FEMKE DE VRIES on clothing tag instructions; studio visit with orist LOUIS-GÉRAUD CASTOR; studio visit with accessories designer D’HEYGERE; essay on environmental artist WALTER DE MARIA and conversation with caretaker of his artwork EARTH ROOM in New York; conversation with sanskrit researcher BEATRICE BONINO and more.

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