Lindsay Magazine Issue 5

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Lindsay is an award-winning independent magazine that acts as a keepsake of our world— an archive of knowledge, culture, history, art and stories from around the globe that deserve to be preserved through print.
Lindsay reminds people of the importance of protecting culture and welcoming di erence; it is a platform where readers can learn about worlds outside their own.
Issue No. 5 synopsis:
In Issue No. 5 we travel to the mountains via the paintings of Etel Adnan, along coastlines wherever waves roll in, and then all over the world through the photographic archive of Lindsay James Stanger. We celebrate the history of hair braiding in South Africa, Salasacan weaving techniques in Ecuador, Vedic jewellery traditions and the new sound of Ukraine. We meet Cassi Namoda, an artist painting stories of Mozambique; Chinese dancer and choreographer Yang Liping; and Mark Klauber, whose lace-making business is one of the last surviving in New York. And we visit a bakery in Tel Aviv, discover the joys of making the anise spirit arak, and spend a summer stretching mozzarella in Italy.
Andrés Altamirano, Olivia Lindsay Aylmer, Irene Bell, Katherine Brabon, Shana Chandra, Olivia Dennis, Nonzuzo Gxekwa, Max Hayward, Olga de la Iglesia, Tim Leeson, Sarah Messerschmidt, Ella Mittas, Thomas Moody, Liz Rowland, Ntombenhle Shezi, Róisín Tapponi, Leili Walker, Beth Wilkinson.

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