Lampoon Magazine Issue 25 - The Transparency Issue

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"Photography, creativity, design, craftsmanship, fashion - Lampoon Magazine is an independent editorial platform where professional talents from every creative field join the Editorial Board to express a contemporary and powerful vision. We believe in Journalism on Sustainable Matters; on Circular Economies in the Creative Industry; on Crafting Ability; on the Global Forestry effort; and on the most beautiful Gender Fluidity.
Transparency should be taken for granted- for as long as it refers to practices of common sense and fairness. What we are demanding is transparency in messaging, in stories and narratives, in intentions, in advantages and benefits. Everything can and should be revealed; there is nothing that is hidden that will remain so."
Among the many contributions: Daniel Roché's exploration of the duality that lives in every image; Isabelle Wenzel's investigations of the abstract forms of the body and mimesis; Marie Tomanova's tribute to womanhood;Florence Mann's ode to the dark romance of the pre-Raphaelites; Menelik Puryear's portrayal of a magical world;Spyros Rennt, Roberto Patella and Jenna Gribbon's play with nudity; Alex Black's collection of Montrealer creativity; dialogues with Formafantasma and British architect Joseph Grima; with creative director of EcoAgeLivia Firth; with labor rights expert Auret van Heerden and Bangladeshi labor leader Nazma Akter; British writer, journalist, broadcaster, and curator Ekow Eshun; activist, anti-racist and feminist scholar Dr. Noémi Michel; associate professor of Architectural History Lucy Maulsby; David Spriggs in a conversation with Regina Schuman;Robert Norton; Lisa White - and many more.

Cover image 1 – Isabelle Wenzel / Cover image 2 - Marie Tomanova / Cover image 3 - Daniel Roché

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