Inventario 17 - Everything is a Project

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NVENTARIO arrives at its seventeenth issue, this time with a cover dedicated to the brick, a powerful catalyst of ideas and creator of infinite design possibilities design possibilities, an object 'anything but heavy' as Stefano Salis defines it in his "Esercizi di Stile" where he shows its many alternative uses in an astonishing reversal of perspective.

In "Normali Meraviglie" Damiano Gullì tells us about Oscar Abraham Pabón who, starting with the brick, makes a sophisticated reflection on structure and surface, ornament and decoration, monochromy and polychromy, rhythm and reiteration; as in the Beppe Finessi's "Rimbalzi", where artists and designers make the shape of the cube a module from which to generate new meanings and analogies.

For "Temporalia" Mirko Zardini takes us back to the first uses of barbed wire and then to its recent applications in the art world. Paolo Bocchi recounts the experiment Chew Your Own Brooch by Ted Noten, and Anna Sendino also writes about Gold, extolling the properties of a stone rich in memories and deceptive mirages.

The "Brevi Note" illustrated by Giulio Iacchetti are dedicated to the adhesive tape holder, while Stefania di Maria describes a rich sampler of Bonsai Scissors.

We move on to photography with the "Altri sguardi" by Giulia Zorzi dedicated to Jessica Backhaus and Manolo De Giorgi's "Cromie" that explore the meanings of the colour violet. Finally, in an "Inventario per autori" full of images, Beppe Finessi recalls the life and works of Italo Lupi, architect and master of graphic design.


isbn:  9791254930328
Curator: Beppe Finessi
Book design:  Designwork
Languages:  Italian and English
Binding:  glued binding
Pages:  160
Width:  21
Height:  27
Edition:  2024

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