Inventario 16 - Everything is a Project

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The 16th issue of INVENTARIO opens with a cover dedicated to matches and
continues with Stefano Salis commenting on the work of the illustrator Noma Bar, while Paolo Bocchi features a fashion icon, “Stockman” by Martin Margiela.

While Beppe Finessi’s “Rimbalzi” create an unprecedented dialogue between different moments in art history, Manolo De Giorgi’s “Cromie” explore the meanings of the colour pink. The “Brevi Note” illustrated by Giulio Iacchetti focus on toy animals, while Corrado Levi describes Denis Santachiara’s“Notturno Italiano” lamp in “Perché”. From architecture – with Fulvio Irace and Annalisa Ubaldi’s “Manuale dell'Architetto”, which makes us look up in search of new elevations – we move on to photography – with Roberta Valtorta’s “Altri Sguardi” dedicated to Todd Hido – and painting, in particular Mel Bochner’s Theory of Painting, the protagonist of Francesco Garutti’s “Esercizi di Stile”.

Arianna Santambrogio proposes a series of “Accoppiamenti Giudiziosi” around the theme of thorns, at once delicate and menacing. For “Normali
Meraviglie”, Damiano Gullì narrates the sculptures/architectures of Przemek Pyszczek and Francesco Messina the herbaria by Massimo Gardone.

INVENTARIO won ADI Compasso d'Oro Award.

isbn: 9788875709983
Curator: Beppe Finessi
Book Design: Designwork
Languages: Italian and English
Binding: paperback
Pages: 160
Width: 21 cm
Height: 27 cm
Edition: 2022

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