Due nomadi gold - Atelier VM

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From poetic jewellery to experiential design. 25 years by Atelier VM

Among all material elements, jewellery has a rare power: it produces new gestures, they move objects, they generate rituals. Because a piece of jewellery always a relationship between those who choose it and those who receive it, between those who have owned it once and those who inherit it; but above all between those who have imagined it and those who will wear it on their skin.
This is therefore a story of jewellery that invents new rituals and bring back ancient emotions; but also of intertwined lives and small fleeting reflections of light capable of opening a vortex over memories and dreams.
The book Due nomadi gold. From poetic jewellery to experiential design. 25 years by Atelier VM creations, tells the story of the atelier founded in 1998 by Marta Caffarelli and Viola Naj Oleari, two Milanese designers who in their goldsmith workshop produce precious objects and experiences related to the world of jewellery; a story of passion, entrepreneurship, creativity and friendship that come together like gold and precious stones in a union that gives life to a brand that is today increasingly appreciated and spread throughout the world.

isbn: 9791254930939
Languages: Italian and English
Binding: coptic binding
Pages: 192
Width: 23 cm
Height: 34 cm
Edition: 2024

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