Collective Keywords - Parasite 2.0

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Parasite 2.0 is a Milan-based undisciplinary office for spatial storytelling— a design and research agency that performs in-between architecture, design, and scenography.

Collective keywords untangles the narratives driving their practice through a blend of words, concepts, and imagery. This visual essay traces five key terms – Stigmergy, Artificial Nature, Desert Islands, Sampling, and Primitive Future – as Parasite 2.0 navigates seamlessly, interconnecting their practice with visual inspirations.

The outcome is a blueprint for a novel design approach founded on multidisciplinarity and bold experimentation, demonstrating the necessity for innovative navigational strategies in our contemporary world.

Collective Keywords is part of the Visual Essays Series, a collection of books for those seeking new visual cues for looking at reality.

isbn: 9791254931066
Curator: Lukas Feireiss
Book Design: Alessio Dellena

Languages: Italian and English
Binding: paperback stitched with flaps
Pages: 328
Width: 13,5 cm
Height: 20 cm
Edition: 2024

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