Bruno Munari - Supplement to the Italian dictionary

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“In this volume the author examines the many ways there are for expressing oneself without using words, using not just hands but also facial expressions and gestures using the whole body. [...] With the passage of time, many of these Neapolitan expressions have spread to the rest of Italy and even the rest of the world. Some expressions have become a part of our everyday language, like the American ‘OK.’ This is why we have decided to collect as many of them as possible into one book, although we have not considered obscene and vulgar gestures, so the documentation is as precise as possible. It is an ideal supplement to the Italian dictionary for use by foreign visitors.”

 Bruno Munari

isbn: 9788886250917
Languages: Italian, English, French and German
Binding: paperback stitched with long flaps
Pages: 118
Width: 12 cm
Height: 16,5 cm
Edition: 1999
Reprint: twenty-fourth

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