Blackwing Volume 2 box of 12 pencils

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Blackwing Volume 2 celebrates art as a driver of change. Art creates cracks in the darkest places of the world, letting in the light of knowledge. The black barrel design has cracks that glow in the dark. Each pencil also includes the firmest graphite Blackwing has ever produced: a special graphite that is 2x firmer, formulated especially for this version.

Blackwing Vol. 2 is part of the Volumes, Limited Editions.

I found a new kind of pencil, the best I've ever had. It's black and soft, but it doesn't crack. I think I will always use this one. It's called Blackwing and it really glides on paper. (John Steinbeck).

The Blackwing pencil, thanks to its unmistakable line, the quality of the materials and the unique design, was the working tool of some of the greatest artists and writers of the 20th century including Leonard Bernstein, John Steinbeck, Walt Disney, Duke Ellington, Chuck Jones, Truman Capote and Vladimir Nabokov.

Blackwing's roots date back to the 1930s, when the Blackwing 602 model was first introduced by the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company. Over the years, the pencil with the exclusive rectangular eraser and the motto printed on the barrel Half the pressure, twice the speed has become synonymous with quality.

Made with Californian cedar wood and Japanese graphite, the Blackwing pencil is now available in historic models and limited editions, in four different hardnesses: extra firm, firm, balanced, soft and many different color combinations. In addition to the classic models, every year Blackwing creates four limited editions dedicated to artists, musicians and illustrious people.

Blackwing Limited Edition Vol.2



Californian cedar

12 pencils


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