Alvar Aaltissimo - Stanze Bolognesissime

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Catalogo ragionato degli interni della Dotta

After the success of Case Milanesissime, Alvar Aaltissimo changes city and moves to the scholarly Bologna for a new collection of real estate ads dedicated to student rentals

Beds with vertical mattresses inside a shower, improvised rooms in building lobbies, and others with beds stacked one on top of the other, prices that vary according to mattress thickness, apartments with a gaping hole in the middle, basements without a bathroom and attics suitable for students on the shorter side. While Alvar’s irony and satire once again transport us to a surreal world, where images and descriptions of uninhabitable rooms give life to a kitsch, irreverent and light universe, the denunciation of the social reality and housing emergency faced by students and non-students, in Bologna as in Milan, is real. It also features a piece by Sarah Gainsforth, a journalist who looks at issues related to the transformation of cities, housing policies and the social implications of metropolitan living. 

Stanze Bolognesissime is a tragicomic catalogue of real estate proposals that are a little too close to the truth. 

isbn: 9791254930229
Special process: 4 different covers

Languages: Italian
Binding: paperback stitched with flaps
Pages: 120
Width: 12 cm
Height: 16,5 cm
Edition: 2022

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