Soul Studio Stories: PAPIERNICZENI

Soul Studio Stories: PAPIERNICZENI

PAPIERNICZENI creates unique notebooks, planners, and calendars. Their original collections are recognized by simple shapes, careful selection of materials and neat craftsmanship. Their mission is to make their products add to everyday tasks and to ensure that handwriting on paper is a truly enjoyable experience.

Let's get to know the brand better through a chat with its founder Magda Konik-Machulska.


SS: Tell us a bit about yourself.

M: Hello! I'm Magda, the founder of PAPIERNICZENI, a brand that's combining my deep appreciation for minimalist design, efficient craftsmanship, and the tactile pleasure of high-quality stationery. With a background in design, I’ve always been captivated by the power of simplicity and the beauty that lies in the details, which is what PAPIERNICZENI is all about.


SS: What’s the inspiration behind the brand PAPIERNICZENI?

M: PAPIERNICZENI is inspired by the simple joy of writing and the timeless elegance of paper products. In a world cluttered with excess, our brand stands for the beauty of simplicity and the value of thoughtfulness. We draw inspiration from traditional craftsmanship, where each piece tells a story of meticulous attention to detail and dedication. Our goal is to bring back the appreciation for handcrafted, durable, and purposeful stationery that serves both functional and aesthetic purposes.

SS: What’s the process for creating your products?

M: Our process starts with the ideation phase, where we brainstorm concepts that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. We then carefully select materials that meet our high standards for quality and aesthetics, and that’s my favorite part. The magic happens in our workshop, where skilled hands bring our designs to life, ensuring each product not only looks good but feels good to use. We pay close attention to detail, from the binding of our notebooks to the smoothness of papers we use, making sure every item we produce is a testament to efficient, thoughtful design.

SS: What are your favourite products? Why?

M: My personal favorite among our products is the Lico series. I love the color palette of the covers, their slim format which fits perfectly in the hand, and the exquisite blank paper. These notebooks, with their subtle cover designs and perfectly bound pages, are a true representation of our minimalist design ethos. They are crafted to accompany thoughts, sketches, and everything in between.

SS: What’s your typical day like?

M: My day is a blend of creativity and meticulous planning. It usually starts with tackling my to-do list and clearing out my inbox (I'm all about that zero inbox life!). Much of my time is spent in the design studio, refining current designs or sketching new ideas that push the boundaries of minimalist stationery. I run a creative business, but truth be told, I find comfort in following a routine. Afternoons are all about hanging out with my 2-year-old son.



SS: What are your plans for the future?

M: The future for PAPIERNICZENI is about deepening our commitment to minimalist design and handcrafted quality. We plan to explore new materials and techniques that can further elevate the sensory experience of our products. Expanding our product line to include more tools for creativity and productivity is also on the horizon, always ensuring that our minimalist, efficient design philosophy shines through. Additionally, we aim to foster a closer connection with our community, sharing the stories behind our products and the people who make them, to celebrate the art of handcrafting in the modern world.

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Images courtesy of Papierniczeni

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