Nomad Issue 14 - Care

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This issue explores the concept of care from a relationship perspective, discussing the need for redefining relationship contexts or even reinventing some entirely. It also raises questions about our relationship with nature, examining whether we are superior or subordinate to it and how we can redefine our relationship with it. The issue also covers discussions on waste, architecture and design, and considers how they can be used to change our relationship with nature and the world.


nomad features people who explore the relationship between humans and nature in their work, including artist Zheng Bo, designer duo Formafantasma, Studio Ossidiana, General and Artistic Director at Nieuwe Insituut Aric Chen, furniture manufacturers ecoBirdy, Studio Plastique, designer and architect Michele de Lucchi, artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and many more. 



Zheng Bo: Between heaven and earth — Formafantasma: Materials in flux — Nadine Vicentini: Why disruption unleashes creativity — Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg: You can’t recreate a one-to-one of the natural world — Valentina Karga: What is at stake is our collective wellbeing — Aric Chen: Looking at the world as a garden — Armand Grüntuch & Almut Grüntuch-Ernst: From isolation to contemplation — EcoBirdy: Make the most of plastic — Studio Ossidiana: Birds don’t need a floating Island, but maybe we do — Michele De Lucchi: This is the moment to become a revolutionary — Studio Plastique: Humankind — Steffen Erath: This is the decade of decisions!  — Barbara Corti: Light has always been an alphabet for telling stories 


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192 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full colour on uncoated and coated paper. Printed in Germany.

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