PAPER - The market-fair of art prints & independent publishing

PAPER - The market-fair of art prints & independent publishing

PAPER is an event dedicated to illustrators, graphic designers, creatives and independent publishers who have decided to express themselves also on this traditional but at the same time always up-to-date medium, which perhaps allows us to collect and preserve visual art at its best. A small market fair that brings together art prints, posters and independent print publications including artists' books, catalogues, graphic design projects, periodicals and zines.


PAPER is an idea that became reality in 2017, a constantly evolving project. Not only markets, but also exhibitions, workshops, presentations and talks.

PAPER is a project by Cottonmag and Soul Studio

FB: @PAPERmarketfair
IG: @paper_market_fair

Visual design

PAPER Season 5: Domenica studio
PAPER Season 4: Acquatonica Studio
PAPER Season 3: Gianluca Ruggiero
PAPER Season 2: Studio Mistaker ft. Michele Marconi
PAPER Season 1 + logo: Federico Leggio

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